School Closings and Delays

Naturally, the primary consideration in the decision to close or to delay the opening of school is the safety of the students. And, as the students range from three (3) to nineteen (19) years of age, the Superintendent must take into consideration the youngest child who may be waiting for a school bus as well as the most capable of our driving teenagers.
A second consideration is that several of our teachers and other staff members do not live in Stafford and must travel a distance to reach our schools. Their safety while commuting and their ability to reach school in a timely manner is also a concern.
In addition, the ability of the Public Works Department to plow all of the streets and school parking lots traveled by buses and children, as well as the ability of our custodial staff to clear each school site has to be factored into any decision regarding closings or delays. In some cases, public streets and /or school driveways are unable to be cleared until the day following a storm. It is also important to remember that weather and street conditions can vary greatly within the boundaries of Stafford itself.

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