Critical Thinker

The Stafford Public School's Learner will:
  • Self-reflect and reason effectively.
  • Ask meaningful questions.
  • Strategize how to apply learned knowledge to new situations.
  • Evaluate ideas and information sources for validity, relevance, and impact.
  • Synthesize information from multiple viewpoints.
  • Reason through and weighs evidence to form conclusions.
  • Reflect and see out feedback to review, revise, and refine work.

By the end of Grade 5, students will...
  By the end of Grade 12, students will...
  • Ask engaging questions that deepen understandings, awareness and new knowledge.
  • Activate background knowledge to situations that are encountered in real-world contexts
  • Giving specific, constructive, feedback that permits improvements when necessary.
  • Consider and acknowledge other viewpoints.
  • Support thinking with evidence and facts.
  • Evaluate parts of a problem and looking at solutions through various outcomes.
  • Analyze work using a scoring rubric and making modifications to improve an outcome.


  • Recognize which methods of questioning are most appropriate for the situation.
  • Transfer and apply prior learning to new situations and real-world contexts.
  • Incorporate feedback from peers to improve work.
  • Appreciate both sides of an issue and multiple points of view.
  • Support thinking with justification and evidence.
  • Recognize and select credible sources for research.
  • Make informed decisions about next steps.
  • Review one's work with an unbiased lens to reflect on progress.

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