Circle containing image of a man with glasses.


Profile of sports figures in multiple colors.


Clay-like figure of a man with a yellow hard hat on holding a wrench. Gears are laying on the floor around him.

  Athletics    School Facilities   

Close up of calculator and pen tip on top of financial report.

  Stafford Public Schools   

Book laying open with a tree coming out of it. The trunk of the tree is a sharpened pencil and the leaves are lightbulbs, calculators, protractors, etc.

   Business Office        Curriculum & Instruction  

School lunch tray with an apple, milk and sandwich.


 Heart with heartbeat line across it.


Circle containing 8 smaller circles with images inside each along with a title. Starting at the top moving in a clockwise direction are the following; picture of a head that reads "Potential", figure of a man that reads "Employee", figure of a person with a star that reads "Skill", looking glass surrounded with arrows that reads "Research", figure of a person standing with an easel that reads "Training", image of three heads with one inside a looking glass that reads "Recruiting", speedometer from a car that reads "Performance", and circles creating a pyramid with the bottom row as men that reads "Leadership". The middle reads "Human Resources".

  Food Services    Health Services    Human Resources    

Image of a chromebook with an image of a Google web search page on the screen.


Image of four (4) children holding hands creating a circle.


Back of a school bus.

  Information Technology    Pupil Services     Transportation  
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