Kindergarten Registration Information

kindergarten registration

New Student Registration

Stafford Public Schools is excited to welcome our 2020-2021 Kindergarten class! Your child is about to take an exciting next step in his/her education. We are looking forward to the beginning of a collaborative partnership between home and school in order to provide a successful transition for both your child and your family.

The Stafford full-day Kindergarten program is available to children who are residents of Stafford and must be 5 years old, on or before January 1, 2020.

There are two primary schools in Stafford: Staffordville School and West Stafford School. Both schools house Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 1 students. School assignment is determined by a student's street address. Residency must be verified at the time of registration and is subject to review at any time thereafter.

Enrollment forms are available below for downloading. If you need further assistance, please contact Emily Wallach, District Registrar, at 860-684-2208, Extension 6, or

          Returning Students from the Stafford Pre-Kindergarten Program

If your child is currently 4 years old and enrolled in the Stafford Pre-Kindergarten Program, your child will automatically be enrolled in kindergarten. If your child will not be continuing their education with Stafford Public Schools, please contact the registrar to complete the withdrawal process. 

If you need further assistance, please contact the registrar, at 860-684-2208, Extension 6, or

Registration Process

Step 1.PowerSchool Registration

Step 2. Complete Registration

Download, print, and complete all applicable forms below.

Step 3. Gather Required Documentation

In addition to the forms completed in Step 2, the following documents are required to enroll your child:

  • Completed Health Assessment Form (If needed, a blank form is available here.)
  • Long Form Birth Certificate
  • Parent / Guardian Photo ID
  • Proof of Immunizations or Religious Exemption for Immunizations Form 
  • Copy of IEP/Special Education Records, if applicable
  • Custody Alert Form with Court Documentation, if applicable, (Custody Agreement, Parenting Plan, etc.)
Plus: Completed Registration Packet

Step 4. Schedule appointment with District Registrar

Once you have completed all applicable forms and gathered the required documentation please click on the link below to schedule an initial phone/video call with the registrar to review your registration packet and required enrollment documents.  Once the review of forms is complete, you will then be scheduled for an "in person" meeting to finalize your child's registration.