7000 - Construction
Conecpts and Roles in Planning for Educational Facilities 7000 P

A. Guidelines

7010 P
Planning 7100 P

A. New Construction

B. Long-Range Planning

7110 P

(1) Enrollment Projections

7112 P

(2) Evaluating Existing Buildings

(a) Retirement of Buildings

7113.1 P

(b) Temporary School Facilities

7114.2 P

(3) Developing Education Specifications

7115 P
Construction Concept Development

A. Site Development

(1) Selection

7221 P

B. Building Design

(1) Design and Process

(a) Indoor Air Quality

7230.2 P

C. Equipment and Furniture

(1) Selection and Installation of Playground Equipment

7240.1 P

A. Assembling and Preserving Documents

7540 P

B. Naming of Facility

7551 P