6000 - Instruction
Instruction (Concept and Roles) 6000 P

A. Provisions of Negotiated Agreements/Contracts

6000.1 P
Elementary and Secondary

A. Schedules

(1) School Calendar

6111 P

(2) School Day

6112 P

(3) Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness

6114 P

(a) Fire Emergency (Drills)

6114.1 P

(b) Emergency Closings

6114.6 P

(c) Helpful Hints for School Emergency Management

6114.7 Appendix

(4) Ceremonies and Observances

6115 P

B. Objectives of the Instructional Program

(a) Nondiscrimination

6121 P

(b) Equal Educational Opportunity

6121.1 P

C. Organizational Plan

6130 P

D. Curriculum

6140 P

(1) Curriculum Design/Development/Revision

(a) Development/Revisions/Adaptations

(i) Limited English Proficiency Program

6141.311 P
                                              Programs for Limited English Proficiency Form   
                                              Sample LEP Q&A for Parents Appendix   

(ii) Migrant Students

6141.312 P
                                              Programs for Migrant Students Form   

(b) Computer Literacy

6141.32 P

(2) Student Nutrition and Physical Activity (Student Wellness Policy)

6142.101 P/R

(3) Democracy Education

6142.52 P

(3) Controversial Issues

(a) Exemption from Instruction

6144.1 P

(4) Extra-Class Activities: Limited Open Forum

6145 P

(a) Interscholastic/Intramural Athletics & Co-Curricular Activities

6145.2 P

(i) Sportsmanship

6145.22 P

(b) Activity Funds Management

6145.8 P

(5) Graduation Requirements

(a) Graduation Requirements                      


(a) Grading System

6146.1 P

(b) Statewide Proficiency/Mastery Examinations

6146.21 P
                                     Form to Request CSDE's Scoring Contractor Form   

(c) Early Graduation

6146.3 P

E. Instructional Arrangements

(1) Pre-Kindergarten Class Size

6151 P

(2) Grouping Policy

6152 P

(3) Field Trips (Foreign Trips)

6153 P/R

(4) Homework

6154 P/R

(5) Individualized Education/Special Education Program

6159 P

(a) Title I Paraprofessionals

6159.1 P

F. Educational Resources and Materials

6160 P
                    (1) Parental Access to Instructional Material 6160.1   

(2) Equipment, Books and materials: Provision/Selection

6161 R

(a) Care of Instructional Materials

(i) Damage, Lost or Stolen Instructional Materials



(b) Comparability of Services

6161.3 P
                    (3) Instructional Resources for Teachers    

(a) School Volunteers

6162.4 P/R
                                      Volunteer Information Form   

(b) Adherence to Copyright Laws

6162.6 P

(c) Use of Copying Devices

6162.61 P

(d) Educational Software

6162.7 P

(4) Instructional Resources for Students

                           Selection of Library Media Center Material 6163   

(a) Material Selection Policy for School Libraries

6163.1 P
                                    Library Bill of Rights AppendixA   
                                    The Freedom to Read Statement AppendixB   
                                    Free Access to Libraries for Minors AppendixC   
                                    American Library Association Code of Ethics AppendixD   
                                    Stafford Public Schools Gift Receipt AppendixE   

(5) Individual Services & Diagnostic Counseling

(a) Health Services

(i) Drugs, Tobacco, Alcohol

6164.11 P

(ii) Exclusion from AIDS Instruction

6164.12 P

G. Curriculum Extensions

(1) Special Education

6171 P

(2) Program Adaptations/Alternative Programs

(a) Home Schooling

6172.3 P
                                             Home Schooling Form  Form  

(b) Title I Parent Involvement

(i) Title I Program

6172.41 P

(c) Virtual/Online Courses

6172.6 P

(d) School-Wide Pre-Referral Approaches and Interventions

6172.8 P

(Scientific Research-Based Interventions or SRBI)

(3) Homebound Instruction

6173 P

(4) Summer School

6174 P

(5) Commercially Produced Video Recording (Use Of)

6177 P

H. Evaluation of the Instructional Program

6180 P

2. Adult/Continuing Education

6200 P