5000 - Students
5114 5145.4 /
Elementary and Secondary 5000 P

A. Attendance

                    (1) K-12 Student Attendance  5110
                          Exempt Attendance of Child Ages 5-6 from School
Form A   
                           Grades 9-12 Appeal Process For Loss of Credit Form B   

(2) Admission

5111 P

(3) Ages of Attendance

5112 P
                          Exempt Attendance Form Form   
                    (4) Work-Study Student Employment 5113.13   

(5) Discipline and Punishment

5113.3 P

(6) Removal/Suspension/Expulsion

5114 P

(7) Attendance Areas

5117 P

(8) Out of District Attendance Areas

5117.1 P

(9) Nonresident Attendance

5118 P
                          Application For Non-Resident Attendance Form   

(10) Admission of Resident Students

5118.1 P/R
                             Residency Verification Guidelines Appendix   
                             Residency Affidavit Form 1  
                             Parent/Guardian Statement Form 2   
                             Host's Statement Form 3   
                    (11) Homeless Students 5118.12  P/R 

(12) Educational Opportunities for Military Children

5118.2 P

B. Progress/Records

(1) Examination/Grading/Rating

5121 P

(a) Student Honor Code: Cheating/Plagiarism

5121.3 P

(2) Grade Assignment

5122 P

(3) Promotion/Acceleration/Retention

5123 P

(4) Reports to Parents

5124 P

(a) District/School Report Cards

5124.1 P

(5) Student Records: Confidentiality

                         Health /Medical Records 5125.11  

C. Activities

(1) Conduct

(a) Bus Conduct

5131.1 P/R

(b) Student Driving and Parking

5131.3 P
                              (c) Vandalism or Damage of School Property 5131.5 

(d) Alcohol Use, Drugs, and Tobacco (including Performance Enhancing Substances)

5131.6 P/R

(e) Drug, Tobacco, and Alcohol

5131.61 P

(f) Steroid User

5131.62 P

(f) Weapons and Dangerous Instruments

5131.7 P

(g) Off-School Grounds Misconduct

5131.8 P
                             (h) Electronic Devices  5131.81 

(i) Restrictions on Publications and Written or              Electronic Material

5131.82 P
                              (j) Student Use of the District's Computer System
                                   and Internet Safety 
5131.83  P/R 
                                   Elementary Student and Parent/Guardian                                                  Agreement
Form 1a   
                                   Middle and High School Student and                                                          Parent/Guardian Agreement
Form 1b   
                              (k) Bring Your Own Device and Protocol for the Use of                                         Technology in the Schools  5131.84  P/R 
                                    Bring Your Own Device Student Agreement
Form 1   

(l) Hazing

5131.91 P

(m) Bullying

5131.911 P/R
                                      Verified Acts of bullying  Appendix  
                                      Report of Bullying Form  Form  

(2) Dress Code

5132 P

(3) Behavior of Participants in Athletic Events

5133 P

(4) Eligibility to Participate in Extracurricular Activities

5135 P

D. Welfare

(1) Illness

(a) Accidents

                                        (i) Student Health Services 5141 
                                        (ii) Administration of Student Medications
5141.21  P/R 
                                              Refusal to Permit Administration of                                                           Epinephrine for Emergency First Aid  Form   

(iii) Exposure to Infections Diseases

5141.22 P

(iv) Psychotropic Drug Use

5141.231 P

(b) Accommodating Students with Special Dietary Needs

5141.25 P/R
                                    Health care Plan for Food Allergy Form 1   
                                    Self-Medication Assessment Form 2   
                                    Permission for Administration of Medications Form 3   
                                    Authorization for the Administration of Medicine Form 4   
                                    Medical Statement for Children w/out Disabilities Form 5   
                                    Medical Statement for Children with Disabilities Form 5a   

(c) Use of Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs)

5141.27 P

Appendix I

Appendix II

Appendix III

Appendix IV

Appendix V

Appendix VI

(d) Health Assessments and Immunizations

5141.3 P/R

Appendix I

Appendix II

Form #1

Form #2

(f) Suicide Prevention and Intervention

5141.5 P

(g) Crisis Response

5141.6 P

(h) Checklist: NIMS
       Implementation Activities for Schools and Institutions        of Higher Education


(2) Student Safety

5142 P

(a) Relations with Non-Custodial Parents

5142.1 P

(b) Student Dismissal Precautions

5142.2 P/R
                              (c) School Resource Officer 5142.3

(3) Discipline/Punishment

(a) Physical Restraint(s)/Seclusion 

                                    Incident Report of Physical Restraint Form 1  
                                    Incident Report of Seclusion Form 2   

(4) Civil & Legal Rights and Responsibilities

(a) Invasion of Privacy

(i) Police in Schools

5145.11 P/R

(ii) Search and Seizure

5145.12 P/R

Appendix A

(iii) Vehicle searches on School Grounds

5145.121 P

(iv) Breathalyzer Testing

5145.124 P

(v) On-Campus Recruitment

5145.14 P/R

(vi) Directory Information

5145.15 P
                                               Notification to parents Form 1  
                                               Denial Of Permission w/out Consent Form 2   
                                        (vii) Student Privacy 5145.17  P

(b) Freedom of Speech/Expression

5145.2 P

(c) Non-Discrimination                                      

5145.4  P/R

           Discrimination Complaint

                              (d) Sex Discrimination & Sexual Harassment   5145.6 P
                                    Regulation - Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment 5146.6 R
                                         Complaint Form Regarding Sexual Harassment (Students) Form A  
                                         Complaint Form Regarding Sexual Discrimination Form B  
                              (e) Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973     5145.7 P/R