2000 - Administration
Concept and Roles in Administration 2000 P

A. Board-Superintendent Relationship

2000.1 P

B. Equal Employment Opportunity

2111 P

Administrative Staff Organization 2120 P

A. Organization Chart

Chart P

(1) Lines of Responsibility.

2121 P

B. Job Descriptions/Administrative Positions


(1) Superintendent of Schools

2131 P

(2) Appointment of Designee for Superintendent of Schools

2131.1 P

(3) Principal

2133 P

C. Superintendent

(1) Recruitment and Appointment of Superintendent

2141 P

Administrative Operations

A. Control and Communication Channels and Systems

(1) Policy and Regulation Systems

2231 P

(2) Administrative Reports/School District Annual Report/Announcements

2232.1 P
Evaluation of Administrators and Administration 2400 P